Friends: The favorite episode of all seasons chosen by fans


Friends was for 10 seasons captivating the audience that closely followed the incidents in the lives of 6 friends who remained deep in everyone’s hearts. However, in the discussion forums dedicated to the series, there was a strong debate to choose the best episode among the 236 that NBC broadcast for 10 years. Let’s meet the winner.

From the moment Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) runs away from her wedding and arrives soaking wet at the diner and myriad experiences begin to unfold with Ross (David Schwimmer), as well as Monica (Courtney Cox) and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), without Outside of roommates Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler (Matthew Perry), this group of young men became friends with many from 1994 to the present day.

Thanks to the special program The Reunion broadcast on HBO Max in which all the cast members met and stirred up the nostalgia of their audience that has been faithful all this time and who remembers each of its episodes with emotion, Friends was back on the highest of the streaming platform selections to return to the 90s and enjoy this great comedy again.

Among the most voted episodes to win as favorite of all time we find the video of the prom, (02×14) when everyone found out what Ross was really capable of doing for Rachell and it was the first kiss of both. Also one of the funniest was when no one was ready to go to Ross’s event (03×02) and Joey put on all of Chandler’s clothes just to piss him off.

Also among the favorites were Ross’s wedding and that awkward moment when he mixes up the names and says Rachel instead of her fiancee Emily (Helen Baxendale) and everything that happens after (04×23-24). I couldn’t be left out of these great moments in Friends, the one with Unagui when Rachel and Phoebe give Ross a lesson because they were taking self-defense classes. We also won’t ignore when Phoebe sang Smelly Cat when she was sick and had sexy phlegm that made her voice better (04×03).

Finally, the episode that was chosen as the best of the entire series was the one where everyone finds out what happened in London between Monica and Chandler (05×14). In different ways each of the friends was discovering what was happening between this pair of protagonists. Joey connects the dots based on some comments and clues but tries to keep it a secret, meanwhile, Rachel accidentally overhears a phone conversation, and finally, Phoebe and Ross find out from the front window. Without a doubt, it is an episode full of humor and emotions as the love story between them is consolidated and the friendship is strengthened.