Friends: The actress who refused to return to comedy to reprise her role


Friends, the situation comedy considered to be one of the most successful of recent times, remained on the air through the NBC network for 10 seasons making people laugh and bring joy through the screen. His characters were all stuck in the hearts and memories of the viewers and therefore are remembered at every moment.

During its 10-part run, Friends featured a host of actors who played the various recurring characters that complemented the stories of the main characters. Likewise, the guests also made themselves felt in all seasons, since the program represented the dream where any acting professional wanted to be.

While fans have learned over the years that some actors have turned down roles they were once offered to play on Friends, there was one star who, after embodying his character, never wanted to return to the hit NBC sitcom. This is Reese Witherspoon, who played Jill Green, the sister of Rachel (Jennifer Aniston).

It turns out that Reese Witherspoon made a big reveal to Jennifer Aniston about Friends, confessing that she refused to return to the show when the producers asked her to. Let’s remember that she and Christina Applegate (played Amy Green), gave life to the sisters of Aniston’s character, but they never crossed paths in the entire history of comedy.

Friends fans remember Jill Green, especially for getting to flirt with Ross to annoy Rachel. Witherspoon’s role on the NBC series might have been bigger than it unfolded, but the actress refused to return to the sitcom when she did. It was through The Morning Show, where she shares the screen with Aniston, when the star revealed the reason:

“She was too nervous, I couldn’t do it.”

Reese Witherspoon told Jennifer Aniston that it was great to work in front of a live audience like Friends did, but she refused to reprise her character because she got on her nerves if she acted in front of her again. to the public. Both actresses spent very little time on screen during Friends, but are now in charge of the hit program The Morning Show, which premiered in 2019 on the Apple TV + streaming platform.