Friends: this season could have been the last!


When the Friends series ended in 2004, she could have had an even more limited life. We learn that the actors themselves never really knew in which season the series was going to end.

The Friends series unleashed crowds for ten years. The comedy carried by Jenifer Aniston and Matthew Perry among others has managed to convince a growing audience over the seasons. However, new seasons learn more about the lifespan of the series. While many are preaching the return of the cult series, they may be happy to have had more than eight seasons. Because the actors themselves thought that the series would end after this eighth season.

David Crane, co-creator of Friends, spoke about this. “When we were preparing for season 8, we were told that it would be the end. And then they negotiated a new season, so we left to make it a ninth. “An agonizing situation that was not the only one.

“We were told at one point that season 9 would clearly be the last. A week later, they came back to us and said that finally we had the right to a season 10 so we said, “Let’s be clear: we can’t help but know where we’re going”. So we learned that it was indeed the last one this time. ”

An interview concluded with a strange revelation. The reporter asked her if the end would have been the same. “I think the end would have been the same. So yes, the stakes of each season were different … but I think we would have concluded in the same way. ”

Like what, Friends was not as untouchable as we thought. But the series is not ready to be forgotten.


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