Friends: Riverdale actors appeared on the show


Friends continues to turn heads in syndication and on streaming platforms and by watching the show today, TV lovers can catch a glimpse of some very notable guests from the Riverdale series who appeared for guest appearances.

Cole sprouse

Early in the show’s run, Friends’ character Ross becomes a single father. In the narrative, Ross often creates opportunities to get closer to his son Ben, played in multiple guest appearances by Cole Sprouse.

After Friends, Sprouse achieved stratospheric fame alongside his brother on the television show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. So now, Sprouse plays Riverdale fan favorite Jughead, who is an aspiring writer, part-time detective, and best friend of Archie Andrews.

Marisol nichols

Fans who take a second look at Friends Season 9 Episode 19, “The One with Rachel’s Dream,” will see Riverdale hitter Marisol Nichols. On the show, Joey performs a concert on the classic soap opera, Days of Our Lives, and Rachel visits the production set with her friend.

During filming, Joey has a dramatic exchange with his stage partner Olivia, played by none other than Nichols. Today, the actress is recognized for playing former Riverdale Mayor Hermione Lodge. Hermione is also the wife and accomplice of Hiram Lodge and mother of Riverdale Vixen Veronica Lodge.

Mark Consuelos

Mark Consuelos burns in Riverdale as mob boss Hiram Lodge, who has a troubled relationship with his wife Hermione and daughter Veronica.

The actor has a long history in entertainment, including a guest spot on Friends season 7 episode 22, “The One With Chandler’s Dad.” In the episode, Rachel and Ross venture out for a spin and are stopped by Officer Hanson, played by Consuelos.

To avoid getting a speeding ticket and an expired license, Rachel blatantly flirts with the officer, purposely calling him a “handsome officer,” her hilarious tactics work, and Hanson sends her friends on her way.


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