Is Friends Return? Jenifer Aniston Says More


Very undecided about the return of Friends, Jenifer Aniston’s opinion of a possible return still seems indistinguishable. Jenifer Aniston seems to have fun playing with the hearts of fans. Very evasive, she had however mentioned a possible return of Friends. She made things clear with a new statement.

Friends is one of the most popular series of the 21st century. Arrived in 1994, the American sitcom humorously recounts the tribulations of Rachel, Joey, Chandler and many others. It really marked the youth of the 90s and 2000s until its end in 2004. An end that left a passionate audience waiting for reunion between the actors. Since then, fans have been hoping for a return to this universe.

But in what form? Many completed series have taken in different formats that have more or less convinced. Breaking Bad, for example. After the end of the series, Jesse Pinkman signed his big comeback in the movie El Camino. A rather successful feature film that has plunged fans into the universe of the series. Could friends return in this form? Or the serial format would be rather chosen? Jenifer Aniston announced the color.

Jenifer Aniston spoke last week. “Listen, we’d love there to be something. But we do not know what it could be. So we try to see. We are working on something. Unfortunately, it will not be a sequel to Friends. “We’re always trying to find what we can do together. We know that our fans would love that. But it will not be Friends. There will never be a sequel or a reboot. she said.

What end any hope of a return of the series in the same form. The lovers of the series can however console themselves with this mysterious project that will bring together the actors of the series, including Jenifer Aniston. In addition, 12 episodes of the original series will be broadcast in cinemas to fill the most nostalgic.

A clearing that puts an end to rumors.

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