Friends: No one would suspect what Lisa Kudrow did while playing Phoebe


NBC’s Friends as a series allowed its cast to catapult into the television industry and some ventured into film and theater. Others were able to develop some talents according to their talents and professions. For example, Lisa Kudrow who played the role of Phoebe Buffay, in addition to being an excellent actress, is a graduate scientist and biologist, and has even published a very interesting article.

The actress we all knew as Phoebe from the sitcom Friends dabbled in neurology while she was filming the series. Through the influence of her father, Lee Kudrow, who was an accomplished neurologist and who became very successful in founding the California Medical Clinic for headaches, instilled in his daughter an interest in doing research. about. In addition, they both suffered from frequent migraines and wanted to contribute their science to humanity.

That was the opportunity for father and daughter to work on that project and determine whether being right-handed or left-handed affected migraines, and it should be noted that all this coincided with the premiere of Friends on television. According to the study, people who were left-handed or right-handed did not differ from each other.

The Kudrows’ scientific article can be located in the journal reference: Messinger, H. B., Messinger, M. I., Kudrow, L., & Kudrow, L. V. 1994. Handedness and headhead. Headache 14, 64–67.

Lisa studied biology at Vassar College University and was involved in her father’s research just as the series that made her famous premiered on NBC. Even though her role had a fun and crazy personality, this was not a problem for her, as she is an excellent actress with several previous experiences.

In fact, the character of her twin sister “Ursula” comes from the series “Mad About You” starring Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser, also from NBC. This made the role of Phoebe’s sister and herself merge into the Friends universe without a hitch.