Friends: Matt LeBlanc Reveals That He Dislocated His Shoulder During The Series


Friends fans will remember that in season 3 Joey (Matt LeBlanc) wore a sling after falling out of bed and getting hurt. What no one knew is that there is a real and painful reason why this plot was included in the series.

During the special with the cast, available on HBO Max, Matt LeBlanc reveals that he dislocated his shoulder during the filming of the episode “The One in which Nobody is Ready”.

How did the accident happen?

During the chapter, Joey and Chandler (Matthew Perry) compete for one of the seats at Monica’s (Courteney Cox) and Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) home. In one of the competitive moments between the two, LeBlanc would have to jump quickly in his seat, which he did perfectly in three different takes.

However, the directors asked the actor to record the scene one more time and that’s when he got hurt.

The Friends special shows the exact moment when LeBlanc gets hurt and the scream he gives afterward. The cast watches the scene 25 years later with grimaces on their faces.

The eternal Joey recalled that this was the only time they didn’t give the traditional group hug before starting filming. After that, the cast never stopped hugging. You can watch the moment of the accident in the video below:

Friends: The Reunion

The special developed by HBO Max marks the second time that all six protagonists of Friends have reunited in 17 years.

Hosted by James Corden and running for 100 minutes, the production also features recurring actors from the series, such as Elliot Gould and Christina Pickles (Jack and Judy Geller), James Michael Tyler (Gunther), Maggie Wheeler (Janice Litman- Goralnik) and Tom Selleck (Richard Burke).

Friends: Reunion opens in Brazil with the arrival of HBO Max in the country on June 29th.


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