Friends: Jennifer Aniston Reveals Threats to Firing Series Cast


Friends: In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actress Jennifer Aniston, who for ten years played the character Rachel in the series Friends, spoke about the threats that the cast received from Warner Bros. during production development at NBC.

According to the actress, the comments took place during negotiations to renew the seasons, considering that the salary of each protagonist increases considerably over time. That way, some studio executives claimed they could easily cut two of them out and follow the series with just four members.

“I remember one thing about when we were young and naive, one of the threats [from the studio] was that they didn’t need the six and that they could do everything with just four. And we kept wondering who the target would be. Rachel? Joey? Who?”, she revealed. “Then we thought they couldn’t do that,” she concluded.

In addition to Aniston, Friends featured Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry. A curious fact is that, during the negotiations for Season 3, everyone agreed to have the same salary as main stars, guaranteeing the $1 million per episode fee for the last two seasons.

And there? What would it be like if Friends had fired two key cast members?