Friends: Jennifer Aniston refuses a real return to the series!


While the HBO was to shoot a special episode with the entire cast of Friends, Jennifer Aniston refuses the return of the series!

Even if Jennifer Aniston has wonderful memories of the Friends series, the actress refuses to bring her character back to life 25 years later. However, a special episode is announced!

A return of the Friends series? It’s the dream of all fans! But having the right to simple reunion for the duration of an episode, that suits them very well too.

Indeed, HBO had promised them! The pay TV channel was to reunite Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer for the end of May.

However, the health crisis situation due to covid-19 risks jeopardizing the release of this special episode. So, fans are content with reruns on the TFX channel to wait!

In any case, the great enthusiasts of the American sitcom dream of seeing them all together again, 25 years later. But you have to believe that one of the actresses of Friends is not very excited.

And this is Jennifer Aniston! In short, the pretty blonde loves the idea of ​​meeting for a special episode or on a television set to amuse the gallery. But that’s all !

Thus, the actress of Friends defends herself: “I was never opposed to a reunion or to a special program, but I was always against the idea of ​​taking back our characters for new adventures. ”

But that’s not all ! The young woman continues: “Finding Rachel at 50 has no interest. Keep the memories of our youth ”

However, Jennifer Aniston catches up. She insists on their true friendship, both on the small screen and in real life. “I’m still here for my Friends!” Even if I see some more often than others. ”

“There has never been any animosity or jealousy between us because we have formed a unit united in six, since the beginning of the series”, ends the former girlfriend of Brad Pitt.

So, the reunion promises to be rather great! You just need to be patient …


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