Friends: David Schwimmer is criticized by monkey trainer Marcel


Friends: One of the most anticipated content of HBO Max was Friends: The Reunion, however, not everything was flowery in the special. David Schwimmer was criticized by the monkey’s caretaker who played opposite the star. The trainer called the actor “despicable” and “jealous” for the way he talked about the animal during the reunion episode of the series.

The six protagonists of Friends participated in a meeting in which they reminisced about very special behind-the-scenes moments and their favorite scenes from the NBC series. The character Marcel, played by the monkey, was Ross’ pet, played by David Schwimmer, first appearing during the tenth episode of the series’ first season, named “The One with the Monkey”, in addition to other appearances throughout of the same season.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Marcel’s caregiver Mike Morris said that Schwimmer is “despicable” for the way he spoke of Marcel. During the special, David explained that everyone on the scene had every step and line choreographed and the primate didn’t “do the job right”, “When we were about to do something really funny, the monkey didn’t hit the target,” he pointed out.

The actor also complained that the trainer kept feeding Marcel live larvae on his shoulder, a situation that made him understand that it bothered him.

For Morris, David was jealous of the monkey because the animal received more laughs than he did throughout the scenes. “Schwimmer was fine with the monkeys in the first few episodes and happy to be there. But people laughed at the monkey and I think he was jealous because he wasn’t the one who got laughs.”

The caregiver pointed out that he was unable to watch Friends or the special due to the various reports of David against the monkey, situations that Morris says is a lie, “I never watched Friends because of Schwimmer’s comments about the monkeys. I refused since he gave an interview after the animals were eliminated from the show and he said they tried to bite him and poop him. They didn’t do any of that.”


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