Friends: Comedy actress confessed why she is sorry after 2 decades


Friends, the series released in 1994 quickly became one of the most watched programs in all of television history. The sitcom that follows a group of friends who meet in New York’s Central Perk captivated millions of fans around the world until it concluded in 2004 on the NBC broadcast network.

Almost two decades after its end, the successful sitcom is still in the minds and hearts of loyal viewers, who season after season received happy moments with each of the episodes that are now unforgettable for many of them. It’s been almost a year since fans got to see their reunited cast as they reminisced.

While all the characters on Friends are memorable to fans of the show, one of everyone’s favorites is Monica Geller, played by Courteney Cox. It must be clear that most remember much of the episodes of the situation comedy, but unfortunately, this does not happen with the interpreter of the love interest of Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry).

Almost 20 years after the conclusion of Friends, Cox admitted to regretting that she hadn’t done something from the moment they first began filming the NBC series until they wrapped up Season 10 after more than 200 episodes. The actress herself confessed that she has a bad memory and therefore does not remember many of the moments lived on the set behind the scenes with her co-stars.

In this sense, Courteney Cox does not remember having done so many episodes when she reflected on her experience during the special meeting that aired at the end of May 2021, through the streaming platform HBO Max. According to Insider, she wished that she and her co-stars had taken more photos of each other, as her shaky memory of her is the main reason she laments that she doesn’t have many memories.

“That was because I have a bad memory. It’s really basic. I don’t remember any trauma in my childhood, but I have like three memories. I do not know. I don’t know why,” Cox explained. “I don’t have much to look back on.”

That’s why, during the Friends reunion special, Cox had a hard time answering some questions about her time on set for ten years. The opposite occurred with the rest of the cast, who practically opened up completely, launching a load of nostalgia not only to those present at the event, but also to the fans who still enjoy the special meeting available on HBO Max.