Friends: 8 TV Crossovers That Would Be Awesome, According to Reddit


Television crossovers—or when two worlds of a show collide through connecting characters, relationships, or storylines—were hugely popular in the 90s. Most of the programs of that time in prime time participated in at least one joint crossover, and the popular sitcom “Friends” was no exception.

Viewers may recall the cult crossover “Friends Meet Crazy about You”, which explained why Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffe in “Friends” and the waitress in “Crazy about You”, was on both shows at the same time (via the Showbiz Cheat Sheet). According to the crossover, the waitress was Ursula Buffet, Phoebe’s twin sister. No matter how numerous crossovers were during the heyday of “Friends,” Reddit users believe that the show missed several opportunities for top-level crossovers.


Reddit users are especially adamant that the crossover “Friends/Seinfeld” could become a cult. This concept has been discussed in several Reddit topics over the years. This makes a lot of sense considering that sitcoms were among the most popular TV shows, and both of them were set in New York City.

Reddit users mention a possible storyline in which Newman is an “ugly naked guy.” username9k suggests that Newman tells Kramer that people always look in his window, and the duo confronts their nosy neighbors, which leads to a bizarre relationship between Kramer and Phoebe, and finally, “Joey decides to [ing] do Newman’s makeup and take [ing] ] him on a double date.”

How I met your mother

Another crossover that never happened, but which became the subject of many voices and discussions, is the mashup “Friends” and “How I met your Mother”. Redditors are quick to point out the similarities between the characters in each series, such as Phoebe and Marshall’s love of the environment or Joey and Barney’s flirtatious personalities, as well as the many friends and couples from the “How I Met Your Mom” fan fiction.

Redditor bucknutstrong45 clarifies: “Barney took Joey to a crazy party during which they performed pieces from The Playbook, such as “Don’t Drink This” and “Ted Mosby”. Speaking of Ted, pm_me_your_molars thinks that Ross and Ted “go back and forth correcting each other’s [pronunciation of] “encyclopedia” and subtly trying to surpass each other in etymological knowledge.”

Gilmore Girls

Reddit users have taken this fictional Gilmore Girls crossover very strongly. Theoretically, both series were set on the East coast, and the characters did have some similarities. LZARDKING draws a comparison between Chandler Bing and Lorelai Gilmore, explaining that they “were both raised by rich jerks and then rebelled.”

Many agreed that this connection or friendship would work, and taysteeboo added: “Imagine that Chandler’s father (who participates in a drag queen burlesque show in Las Vegas) is dating Emily Gilmore.” Reddit users also mentioned that they would like to see Monica and Sookie’s friendship, while others said they could imagine heated arguments between Ross and Rory.

Will and Grace

Technically, Will and Grace had a pseudo-crossover moment with “Friends” in 2018, when David Schwimmer starred as Ross Geller’s guest character in several episodes of the show’s reboot. However, Redditors would like there to be a real crossover of two popular sitcoms.

The redditor of this college thinks: “Monica hiring Grace to design her new restaurant would be a place where I would see potential.” This makes sense, given that Monica is a chef and Grace owns an interior design firm. In addition, the hit shows were shown on television at almost the same time, and both were set in New York. Tmadred clarifies: “I imagine Karen and Phoebe’s fling,” which would probably be one of Phoebe’s funniest episodes if it happened.

Star Wars

It’s a little more far-fetched than the others, but the Friends/Star Wars conversation got heated when TigerKlaw posted a meme with Ross and Chandler on Central Perk with a photoshopped Baby Yoda in the background, asking Redditors who would take care of Baby Yoda in a cross-over situation.

The answer is most likely not in Chandler or Joey, who famously left baby Ben on a public bus, or as Lunchbox1986 reinterprets it: “At that time, Chandelorian and JT-88 left Benga by bus… Then Ross found the property of the Galactic Empire. the seal on the diaper”. tessfarnum believes that “Monica would be, but I feel that the guys and Rachel will like [Baby Yoda].” situations, she will probably be a babysitter.