Friends: 10 best quotes from the series according to Reddit


Jennifer Aniston recently revealed how she coped with the end of “Friends,” and it’s wild that the series still attracts so much attention, even decades later. But “Friends” is one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time with popular catch phrases and quotes — “Turn!” is part of the everyday vocabulary of fans.

Reddit users chose the quotes they liked the most: from the funny ones, such as Joey and Phoebe’s penchant for making a comedy of mistakes, to the touching ones, such as Rachel Ross’s words when they were together again.

When Joey bullied Chandler
“Can I wear more clothes?”

Joey proves that he is the best friend, with his quotes and dedication to others. However, his argument with Chandler over the chair they wanted to sit on revealed his caustic side. Redditor EliseMcg believes that the line “Can I be more dressed?” is the best.