Friday the 13th: Director Reveals Abandoned Game Ideas


Friday the 13th: One of those responsible for creating the game Friday the 13th, Wes Keltner, went to Twitter to reveal to the public some content that was in development for the title and was left halfway through.

A few years ago, litigation over the rights of the Friday the 13th franchise has prevented or restricted the release of new material involving Jason Voorhees, the Crystal Lake camp and other elements — the dedicated servers were shut down in 2020, along with the arrival of the latter official update, but years before this work was already threatened.

According to the developer, “too much time has passed” and he can now reveal the projects that were left over. In the text, Keltner comments on two packs of custom skins and scenarios, plus an entirely new game mode, all at different stages of development at Gun Media Studio.

“I know this is bittersweet, some will regret it, some will think they are good ideas, some will be furious. I understand anger, I feel it too. But I would like everyone to know that we love this franchise and this game. . Ideas that we thought you would find fun, engaging and rewarding. I wish I had had a different one,” concludes the developer.


The new game mode would be called Paranoia, with gameplay reminiscent of the success Among Us. In matches, there is no selected player like Jason: everyone would be camp monitors and one of the goals was to find the killer mask — specifically the model of Friday the 13th: Part 5. A teaser was even released with the soundtrack of the classic Suspiria, by Dario Argento.

Whoever found the items could kill the others and pretend to be a normal person by hiding their identity and, if they were murdered, another player could become the villain. Innovative escape modes would be created, requiring more than one character to escape. “I had fun times, but needed polishing,” said the executive.

Content packs

One of the program updates was for “slumber party” style clothing. To promote the novelty, Gun Media would even release a phone number that parodied the erotic chats that were fashionable in the 1980s and 1990s. However, the lawsuit prevented the release of this content.

The second planned package had a “prom party” theme, leaving the characters in dresses and suits. One of the sets would be a dance floor, and even themed items on the map would have a new look, like punch bowls—which could be used by Jason in kills.