Frida Kahlo Museum Opened to the Internet for 24 Hours


The house of Frida Kahlo, perhaps the most famous female artist of the 20th century, was later turned into a museum. Frida Kahlo Museum has been opened to virtual trips for 24 hours for those who want to visit during the coronavirus epidemic.

Considered among the most important female artists of the past century, Frida Kahlo has a large worldwide fan base. There is also a museum dedicated to this mysterious and passionate woman. The Frida Kahlo Museum, in its real name, La Casa Azul, was the artist’s home.

Frida Kahlo was originally a great painter. After the accident in 1925, the artist, whose spine and legs were heavily damaged, met Diego Rivera in 1928, where he will experience one of the most stormy and passionate love of the century.

Kahlo Museum can be browsed online
Frida Kahlo usually worked on her self-portraits with the effect of her illness. The images reflected from the mirror at the head of his bed turned into immortal works in Frida’s canvas. Diego Rivera, on the other hand, said that Frida had “destroyed all the taboos about the female body and femininity”.

While the couple, both of them artists, entered the world house in 1929, they met people like Picasso and Kandinsky on their journeys together. The love between these two artists ended when Diego Rivera had a relationship with the bald, and the duo divorced. In 1940 they married again and lived together until Kahlo passed away.

One of the favorite places of art lovers in Mexico was La Casa Azul, who also hosted this stormy and creative love. This house, which means Blue House, was turned into a museum worthy of its name and was decorated with Kahlo’s works. The house is now open for surfing 24 hours a day.

Kahlo’s life in digital environment
The museum was opened for a tour with a 360 degree virtual tour. The museum has 22 thousand documents, 6500 photos, many magazines, publications, books. Of course, many drawings and paintings also appear in the museum. Also, toys, clothes, belongings of Frida Kahlo are exhibited in the museum.

It is possible to visit the house, which was purchased by Kahlo’s father in 1904 and whose installment payments were completed by Rivera, for 24 hours. All you have to do to enjoy this virtual tour is to click on the link.


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