The frequency values of Ryzen XT processors have been determined!


AMD, which will introduce 4th generation Ryzen processors at the end of the year, will pass these processors through 7 nm + lithography. However, in a news we shared with you the other day, we said that the Ryzen XT processors will be introduced in June. AMD, which does not want to lose competition with Intel, is considering taking advantage of XT processors until it introduces its new processors. According to the latest reports, the frequency values ​​of AMD Ryzen XT processors have been determined.

The new processors also come with Zen 2 architecture.

AMD Ryzen XT processor frequency values ​​appeared
XT processors include three models. These will be 3900 XT, 3800 XT and 3600 XT respectively. The processors, which will come at the same price as non-XT models, offer higher clock speeds and overclocking potential. With the release of XT processors, 3rd generation Ryzen processors will also be reduced in price. The 3900X, which had a price tag of $ 499 in the past days, has been lowered to the level of $ 420.

The frequency values ​​of the new Ryzen XT processors have also been determined. Ryzen 9 will have 3900 XT, 4.1 GHz base and 4.8 GHz turbo frequency speeds. Ryzen 7 has 3800 XT, 4.2 GHz base and 4.7 GHz turbo frequency speeds. The youngest of the family, Ryzen 5 3600 XT, will have a 4.0 GHz base and a 4.7 GHz turbo frequency. When we look at the Ryzen 3000 series processors, we see that there are big increases especially in the basic frequency speeds.

In addition to the clock speeds, the processors offer better overclocking potential, compared to previous models O.C. together we will see how suitable it is to do. XT processors, which will strengthen AMD’s hand by the end of the year, will compete hard with Intel. Following an aggressive pricing policy on its 10th generation processors, Intel promises high performance at the middle and lower levels as well as the upper level.


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