French work on the first hydrogen-powered cargo ship


French company is developing the world’s first hydrogen-powered cargo ship. The expectation is that the transport will carry out commercial distribution operations on the River Seine, in Paris, before the end of 2021.

The project is called “Flagships” and is being carried out by Compagnie Fluvial de Transport (CFT), a subsidiary of the Sogestran Group, which works in maritime modals.

“The demand for more sustainable technologies in waterway transport is increasing,” said Matthieu Blanc, director of CFT, for the website Renewable Energy Magazine.

The executive also said that the company is happy to lead this movement to reduce the emission of pollutants and that they will demonstrate the “superior characteristics of hydrogen fuel cells in water applications”.

Flagships coordinator Jyrki Mikkola said that designing sustainable maritime transport will be essential to achieve international targets for reducing polluting gases. He explained that, in a practical way, the air quality in big cities will improve a lot with the massive adhesion of such ships.

The project received funding of around 5 million euros (about R $ 33 million at the current price) from the European Union’s research and innovation program called “Horizon 2020”, which aims to stimulate sustainable initiatives and discoveries.

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In addition to France, another hydrogen-powered cargo ship must be built to sail in Norway. Hydrogen is seen as a key energy source to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The Flagships project has about 12 partners in Europe and will build a fuel generation system in September 2021.


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