A French streamer diverts 5,000 euros intended for an association!


The French streamer ANIS13K diverted the sum of 5000 euros intended for the French association of Multiple Sclerosis (AFSEP).

Bad news in the gaming world. A French streamer has just been pinched after having embezzled money intended for an association!

New year doesn’t necessarily mean good resolutions for everyone. The French streamer Anis13K did not start the year off on a high note. Quite the contrary. The 32-year-old said he had “money problems”. This difficulty therefore leads him to make a mistake that he will be the first to regret. As usual, he asked his subscribers to donate money for a good cause. But this time, he drew in the gains.

The streamer had tried to hide the truth, however. He then showed his 80,000 fans a screen proving that 5,000 euros had been donated to the French Association of Multiple Sclerosis (AFSEP). But a subscriber suspects something and therefore decides to make a phone call to the latter. Bad luck, the members admit to having received nothing. Neither one nor two, the fan then publishes the news on Twitter.

“It’s true, for 3 or 4 years, I organize charity streams every year, in order to raise money for an association. The 1st year when I organized the charity marathon I did it without any ulterior motive and I really wanted to donate the money to the association but besides that at the same time I had galleys of money, tax and credit problems. So announced the streamer Anis13K on his Twitch account to explain the situation.

He then added that: “When this sum of money came back it crossed my mind and I did not make the right choice […] I entered a sort of hellish spiral where I had everything time of sous right to left […] ”For the moment, nothing has been decided yet and the association is still trying to recover from this episode. But one thing is certain… the streamer is at high risk!