Freebuds 4: Huawei’s New Wireless Headset To Be Introduced On May 19


Freebuds 4 appeared days before the introduction of some features of the new wireless headset that Huawei is preparing to introduce in the coming days. The presentation of Freebuds 4, officially announced by Huawei, will take place at an event to be held on May 19.

Chinese technology giant Huawei will hold a launch event in China on May 19. The most curious product of the brand, which is thought to introduce many products, is its new wireless headset. Huawei is preparing to expand its wireless headset family with Freebuds 4, after Freebuds 4i, the wireless headset it introduced in the past months.

Some features of the headset, which we saw the design details with the promotional images leaked recently, have now emerged. Freebuds 4 continues the design line of the previous generation Freebuds 3, which we do not see any major innovations when we take a look at the design details. However, when compared to Freebuds 4i we see some changes in the design. The most important change is thatFreebuds 4 is not in full in-ear form; In a form like AirPods.

Freebuds 4 will come with higher sound quality and longer battery life:

Freebuds 4 will come with some improvements in terms of battery life and ease of use. At the same time, Freebuds 4, where significant improvements have been made in sound quality, will now have active noise canceling feature, one of the important features we take a look at when purchasing headphones.

The headset, which is displayed on the Huawei Mall, currently has three different color options. Apart from these three colors listed as white, gray and red, it is thought that there will be black and silver color options.

In order to learn all the technical details and price of the headset, we need to wait until May 19, when the event will take place.


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