#FreeBritneyRally Will ‘Release’ Britney Spears


Britney Spears fans (38) remain determined to do everything possible to ‘liberate’ their pop diva. After several months in which several protests have been organized in front of the Los Angeles courts (where the entire judicial process is being carried out), now his followers plan to go to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in that city on Wednesday 19 of August to lobby for the judge to agree to give Britney her freedom back.

This time it is a ‘rally’ that they have called ‘Free Britney Rally’ and that began on August 12. This ‘rally’ has 7 days of actions to release it and well, the truth is that we no longer know what else to say on this subject because it all seems a bit surreal to us.

Be that as it may, the TMZ news portal, which has a 100% accuracy rate of its information (don’t ask us how they do it, but they always get it right) has launched an article with which it aims to end all these conspiracy theories.

According to them, Britney Spears’ father is not trying to control her any more than necessary. That is to say, that his father has his guardianship does not mean that he is the owner and lord of the singer’s life. In fact, TMZ says that judges, lawyers, doctors and others are involved in deciding whether Britney can regain control of her life at an important decision-making level.

“Here’s the reality. As we have been reporting for two years … Britney is having a hard time. Her medication stopped working and her doctors could not find the combination that best allows her. Sources with direct contact with her clarify that She is being very difficult to deal with and she is complaining that she wants more freedom. In short, Britney has not been very stable regarding her mental health lately. That also means that both of her children are spending more time with their father, Kevin Federline, and that also affects the singer, “they write in TMZ.

The article also makes it clear that her father is not trying to maintain the guardianship longer than necessary, but that the rest of those involved in this decision also believe that it would not be good to give her more freedom given her mental state.

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