Free YouTube Music Gets Background Playback


YouTube Music: Google announced this Monday (4) an important news for the free version of YouTube Music. Soon, non-paying audio streaming users will be able to listen to music in the background while performing other tasks on their mobile phone or having their device screen turned off.

At the moment, those who use YouTube Music for free can only listen to songs if they keep the app open and the screen turned on, which is usually a nuisance, in addition to consuming the smartphone’s battery faster. But with the change, the option restricted to subscribers of the premium version will be released to everyone, as happens in Spotify and other competitors.

According to the Mountain View company, background playback will be supported across the entire streaming catalog, including radio stations and interest-based playlists. However, the tracks continue to play in random mode in the free version, not giving the option to choose the song sequence.

What does not change is the display of ads, which remains a necessary condition to access the platform for free, as well as it is not possible to download music for offline listening. Advertising without advertising and the option to download tracks are still restricted to the service’s paid plan, which costs R$16.90 a month.

Premiere in Canada

The free YouTube Music with background playback, which will also be useful for those using the app in Google Assistant driving mode, allowing the driver to stay focused on driving, is scheduled to debut on November 3rd. However, the novelty will only be available in Canada initially.

The search giant has said the new feature will be made available “to listeners around the world” after it’s launched to Canadian users of the service, but hasn’t announced when that will happen.


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