Free website gospel from Microsoft

Nowadays, opening a website has become a process that can be completed within minutes and can be done at very low prices. Although many products called setup wizards are on the market, companies continue to produce solutions in this regard. Microsoft has announced that it will make a free service available for people to create websites.

Microsoft will create its free website with Facebook

Small business owners are the target of the free website building tool that will serve as part of the Microsoft Digital Marketing Center. The company shared, “We are removing the obstacles created by time and cost with a simple and free service for small business owners.” made the explanation.

Microsoft has developed a system for the website that will automatically pull information from the Facebook business account. Microsoft will use this Facebook data to make a complete website. Users will be able to customize their website before publishing if they want.

The service, which stands out especially for being free, will be open to users around the world. However, the service was initially available only to users in the US. How Microsoft will make money from this service is a matter of curiosity. Presumably, when Microsoft needs to advertise these new websites, it will address that need with a paid service.



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