Free up space in Gmail quickly with these tricks


Gmail: You may not have noticed before, but your email account also needs its space on the Internet. And it is that all the messages that they send and receive have a certain weight of up to 25 MB, something that little by little ends up filling everything the space you have in your account. For this reason, and in order to avoid warning notifications from the system, we teach you how to quickly free up space in your Gmail.

Keep only the important messages

This should be a maxim for all users of an email system. Throughout the day you will surely receive a lot of content in the form of advertisements for products that might interest you, as well as others that may be important. But the most important thing to keep the free space to receive more mails.

Therefore, the first advice we give you is to check your inbox frequently to delete all the emails that you do not need. If you do it little by little you will achieve that your inbox only has what you really need. In the end you will appreciate it, but it is true that Gmail leaves at your disposal a series of tools with which you can automate this procedure.

Goodbye to the mail in a few clicks

Gmail has a very curious filtering system, depending on the recipient, it redirects messages to one or another folder. This means that you can ‘go easy on it’ if the content is a notification, has to do with social content or is a promotion. If after reviewing the messages you see that none of them need it, you can click on the square that is just below the search box.

This way you will be able to choose all the messages on the page, up to a total of 50. But if you want to choose all the contents of the folder, you just have to click on the button on the right that will tell you the total number of messages it contains. Then, by clicking on the part where the garbage can appears and all the messages will disappear. Then you will have to remove them from the trash with the same procedure.


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