Free Udemy courses of the week – November 9


Our series of free Udemy courses of the week that we regularly publish include application development with Android Studio, Linux Shell Script writing, and Spatial Data Science.

Free Udemy courses of the week – November 9

Some free courses have user and time limits. For this reason, coupons may be sold out early.

Developing apps with Android Studio

Thanks to Android Studio, you can develop a mobile application professionally. You can enroll in an application development course with Android Studio, which is prepared for people who do not have algorithm knowledge and programming knowledge.

Writing Linux Shell Scripts

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Linux-based operating systems, which are especially preferred by software developers, provide users with access to many operations via the command line. Thanks to Shell Scripts, you can perform the installations you need to do in a shorter time, and you can run more than one command through a file in a certain time. You can enroll in the course to learn more about writing Linux Shell Scripts.

Spatial Data Science

One of the top topics in our series of free Udemy courses of the week is Data Science. Data Science, which is actively used in every sector thanks to its developing technology, is also frequently used in geographic information systems.

Tips for selling online

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Today, millions of people sell online. Increasing competition in almost all industries causes vendors to spend more time. By enrolling in this course, you can analyze your customers better and make more sales by spending less time in line with their expectations.

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