Free Udemy courses of the week – January 22, 2021


This is the list of free Udemy courses of the week. Our course series includes courses on Microsoft Excel, Photo Composition, GitHub, 3D Animation making and Sql this week.

Free Udemy courses of the week – January 22, 2021

Vouchers may be sold out early, as some training has both time and person limits.

Microsoft Excel Course from Scratch

Microsoft Excel, which is actively used in areas such as stock tracking and accounting, allows you to perform many operations without effort thanks to its macro feature. You can enroll in the course to learn more about Excel and improve yourself, which companies give priority to job postings.

Photo Composition Course

Composition, which is one of the most important subjects in photography, enables you to convey the message you want to convey in the photos you take. You can enroll in the course to learn basic photography terms such as the golden ratio, the 1/3 rule.

GitHub Starter Course

Another of the most preferred areas among the free Udemy courses of the week is software. One of the most common terms heard by those working in the software industry and those who want to improve themselves is the Git versioning system. You can learn this system on GitHub and Gitlab platforms, and share your projects on these platforms.

3D Animation Course

With the program called Muvizu, you can create 3D animation and improve yourself in this regard. You can register to get more information about 3D design and animation, which are popular sectors of today.

Sql For Beginners

Used for adding, removing and making changes in the database, the SQL language is used in many projects including mobile and desktop software.


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