Free PC, Steam And Xbox Games For This Weekend From June 11 To 13


Free: We review the best proposals to play for free this weekend, with Control, the game of the Finns from Remedy, as the big star. As every weekend we offer you a series of proposals to play during these days completely free of charge, among which we have to highlight nothing less than a great game like Control, which we can get from the Epic Games Store. But of course, there is more.

This same night the European Championship starts with the opening match between Italy and Turkey, and with this football weekend being presented, there could be two proposals related to the beautiful game with two great simulators. On the one hand, the most relaxed but also more demanding and profound football of Football Manager 2021, and on the other, the most successful simulator on the market, which is obviously none other than FIFA 21. Let’s see our selection of five free games for these days:

ARK: Survival Evolved, on Xbox and PC

One of the most popular survival games of recent times is once again enjoying a free game trial, this time thanks to Free Days of Play on Xbox, on Microsoft consoles and on PC. The structure of the game is the one already known to everyone in the genre, with the peculiarity that we will share the universe both with dinosaurs and with certain technology that will allow us to collect resources, build structures, etc …


The weekly rotation of the Epic Games Store brings us this week neither more nor less than Control, the last game of the Finns from Remedy Entertainment. In this adventure by agent Jesse Fadden we will find a metroidvania structure with action, exploration, puzzles, supernatural powers and some memorable moment throughout approximately 15 hours of duration. A plot full of unknowns and questions completes one of the great games of Sam Lake and company, which we can download and stay forever from the Fortnite creators store.

Fallout 76, on Xbox and PC

Granted, it didn’t have the best possible start, but the reality is that Bethesda has managed to redirect this massive multiplayer set in its popular post-apocalyptic universe to make it a very worth considering alternative. Through constant updates that have corrected bugs and added a multitude of content, the game has been able to take off to achieve a very large and active community. We can give it a try thanks to Xbox Free Play Days.

Football Manager 2021, on Xbox and PC

The Xbox Free Play Days are completed with a game only for soccer patients, and it is for many years now that Sports Interactive has been fulfilling the wishes of fans of the beautiful game with an absolutely immense manager simulator in which to have in counts a lot of variables, sports and management. Suffice it to say that many real teams use the gigantic game database for their daily work at the club, with that being all said …


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