A Free Mod Released with Full VR Support for GTA 5


One of the most popular games in the world at the end of a study made to play GTA 5 with VR sets, has got full VR support. With the mod developed by a Reddit user named LukeRoss00 user, all of GTA 5 can be played with VR sets.

For a long time, attempts have been made to play GTA 5 with VR sets. However, to date, these attempts have always faced users with various problems. The mod developed by a user named LukeRoss00 on Reddit opens the way for GTA 5 to be played smoothly with VR sets. LukeRoss00 shared all the codes of the GTA 5 VR mod it developed on GitHub.

The GTA 5 VR mode, developed for a wide list of compatibility, is simple to set up. Unpacking the files downloaded from GitHub and running the file is enough to play the game with VR sets.

In GTA 5 VR mode, developed by LukeRoss00, graphics settings can be updated without restarting the game. If you have a good computer, you can use all the graphics modes of the game with VR sets.

In the new version of the improved VR mode, a number of minor issues have been fixed as well as major graphics issues. It is now easier to point the camera in the game. In addition, the flickering on the screen has been resolved and the problems in the post-processing effects have been eliminated. You can find the GTA 5 VR mode developed by LukeRoss00 here.


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