Free LastPass accounts will only work on PC or mobile


The free version of LastPass will have changes starting in March, as the company announced on Tuesday (16). The main one is that users of the modality will only be able to access the password manager on only one type of device.

If you use the free program to protect your passwords on computers, for example, you can also use it on your desktop, on your own notebook or on a family or friend’s PC / laptop. However, you will not be able to open it at the same time on your cell phone, as it does today, unless you become a Premium user.

Likewise, anyone who uses LastPass Free on mobile devices can continue to access it simultaneously on an iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet and smart watch. But if you want to take advantage of the features on a desktop or notebook, you will need to subscribe to the paid plan.

The first login to the platform on March 16, the date on which the change will take effect, will define what will be your type of “active device”. According to the company, the user will have three opportunities to switch devices to choose the best option and will not lose anything stored in their virtual safe.

Support changes

Another novelty announced by the company is related to e-mail support, which will also be restricted to subscribers of the paid plan, a change valid from May 17.

From this date onwards, free users will be entitled to basic support, available in the LastPass community and in the Support Center. Email service will be exclusive to Premium and Family plans.

The company also said it will give a limited-time discount to those who upgrade to LastPass Premium. The promotional price is US $ 2.25 per month, equivalent to about $ 12 per day


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