Free iOS and Mac apps for a short time!


Free iOS and Mac applications, which were announced for a short time today, can appeal to users from all walks of life. In addition, many applications developed for Mac and iOS stand out with optimization and efficiency.

Free iOS and Mac apps

iOS – Ruler

Ruler, an AR-based application, allows you to measure length using your camera.

iOS – Hex Gem Defense

Hex Gem Defense is a strategy game where you defend your tower with jewels.

Mac – Disk Space Analyzer: Inspector

Disk Space Analyzer: With Inspector, you can see and analyze which file is taking up the most space on your storage unit. It can present these analyzes and the covered area graphically to the users.

iOS – CurrencyCam

With CurrencyCam, you can convert different exchange rates to current exchange rates with the help of a camera. You can set the exchange rate automatically, it automatically selects the currency of that region according to the location we are in. It also finds manual mode in the application. In this way, you can enter the exchange rates manually.

iOS – EvoCreo – Pocket Monster RPG

A Pokemon-like RPG game with a 2D open world where you can fight more than 170 monsters.

iOS – Pholorize: Colorize Old Photo

Pholorize is an application that colors your old, black and white photos with artificial intelligence. You can get surprising results because the coloring is done with artificial intelligence.

Mac – Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro helps you remove unnecessary files from your Mac. It cleans unnecessary files without putting your important data at risk.

Mac – Tweak and Tuneup

Tweak and Tuneup has many tools to improve the performance of your Mac. Thanks to the tools in a single application, your Mac will be able to maintain its performance for a long time.


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