Free Horror Game Published on Steam, Definitely Worth Downloading


A gaming company called Dead Thread Games launches its first video game, We Went Back, from Steam. The game, which is offered to the taste of the players for free, appears in the form of horror and meets the expectations.

Nowadays, we are talking about the games that started to be offered to you frequently for free. Because we have to stay in our homes because of the coronavirus epidemic and we do not want our valued followers to get bored in this process. Now again, we are here with a similar news. However, this game, which we will talk about this time, was offered to Steam completely free a few days ago and it really has a quality structure.

This time, the name of the game that we will pass on to you is “We Went Back”. The game, which started to be offered to players on Steam on April 3, you play only by yourself. We Went Back, a first-person horror type game, takes you into a spacecraft. The game, where you will try to get rid of a spacecraft that you are completely alone, will make you feel the tension until the end.

We Want Back was developed by a company called “Dead Thread Games”, a newcomer to the gaming industry. The team seems to be taking the pulse of gamers in this game, where it displays its first work in the video game industry. This increases the expectation of We Went Back, and the company seems to have met this high expectation. Because the first thoughts of gamers about this game appear on Steam as “Very Positive”.

As we just mentioned, in the We Want Back game, you will find yourself all alone in a spacecraft, and you will defeat the creatures that you encounter and try to get rid of this spacecraft. The developer team says that the story of this game, which will make the tension feel high, can be completed in 50 to 60 minutes in total. So the taste of We Want Back will remain in your mouth unfortunately.

We Went Back’s graphics deliver performance above your expectations. However, to take advantage of this superior performance, you need a powerful computer. The developer team says that in order to play this free game at minimum settings, you must have a 4-core Intel or AMD processor, 8 GB RAM and a higher graphics card than Nvidia GeForce GTX 960.

What you need to do to get We Went Back for free
First, access the Steam page of We Went Back using the link found here.
You will see a button that says “Play the Game” on the page you encounter. Click this button.
After giving the necessary approvals, wait for the game to download.
After completing the download, you are ready for the We Went Back story.


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