Free Horror Game With An Interesting Theme: Routine


The horror game Routine, which can be downloaded for free and ends in as little as 25 minutes, focuses on the details of daily life. If you want to see an unexpected everyday life experience regardless of its shortness, let’s take a closer look at the details.

Many people have a standard routine in their life. In the morning, you wake up with an alarm that sounds at your head. You get up and start making coffee for yourself. You open the curtain and let the daylight fill in the rooms. In the evening, you watch the news in front of your television. Maybe you read a newspaper or magazine. This routine starts and repeats every day.

The routine described resembles the famous Gorundhog Day movie, starring Bill Murray, but it is now possible to experience it in a game. You can discover the unexpected stories of Routine, an experimental horror game. Routine, published for free, is a horror game with stories built around the small details of our daily life.

Fear coefficient increases as the routine changes:

When you start the same routine a second time in the game, you see that something has changed. Something that wasn’t there before appears, a shape in the dark is starting to look at you carefully. A malfunction appears in the simulation. Ultimately, the story ends.

There are eight repetitions in total, and they are all different. Moreover, discovering how to see all of these is more difficult than it seems. There are ways to disrupt the routine in the game. It would not be right to say what these are because exploring this is the focus of the game. We can say this much; You don’t have to do this because the alarm sounds and you are encouraged to turn it off.

Routine is a very short game. All stories end in about 25 minutes in total. However, it is definitely worth playing. It frustrates your expectations in interesting ways, and there are things that convince you of the ordinary and surreal mix of the game.

You can download the Routine game of Corpsepile, which also develops other strange games. Other games by Corpsepile include The Open House, Run to Nowhere.


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