Free Guy: Ryan Reynolds confirmed video release date


Since the coronavirus pandemic began, we have seen films having their premieres postponed in the cinema or being made available directly on streaming platforms.

Ryan Reynolds’ new feature, Free Guy, is one of those productions that suffered from the delays. To publicize the new date of the film, the eternal Deadpool could not help making a joke. Check out:

In the video, the actor guarantees that this is the last time that Free Guy will be postponed, stating that he has never been so sure in his entire life. Then Reynolds appears in a poorly dubbed video of himself reading the new premiere date. He ends by telling fans that he feels “very good” with the release on August 13, 2021.

Free Guy Postponements

This is the fourth time the film has been postponed. The first preview of the feature’s debut was on July 3, 2020, then the new date became December 11, 2020. In November of last year, Disney decided to postpone the date once again, this time to May 21. 2021.

In the midst of another round of studio postponements, the release of Free Guy was once again postponed, now to August 13, 2021. Unfortunately, the production starring Ryan Reynolds was not the only one postponed.

In a statement, Disney adjusted the calendar for several premieres, such as Death on the Nile, Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Deep Water.

Free Guy accompanies Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a bored bank teller who sees his life turn upside down when he discovers that he is a character in an open world video game. Now, he must assume the role of hero to save the world.


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