Free games in Epic Games Store on September 1 — two opposites


When it comes to game subscription services, such as PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass, or platforms that give away free games, such as Epic Games Store, diversity adds spice to life. If every game ended up in the same box on these platforms, then their current popularity would cease. Each of them is excellent when it offers fans games that are not similar to each other, and Epic Games Store has made sure that its two main games on September 1 could no longer differ from each other.

On September 1, Epic Games Store users can get the Knockout City Armazillo DLC, as well as two games: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and Submerged: Hidden Depths. The former tells the latest high-stakes story for Lara Croft and does so with every DLC included for the game, but while those looking for thrills are best off playing it, those looking for something to relax should probably go with Submerged first.

Tomb Raider vs. Submerged: Survival vs. «Relaxploration»

From the point of view of the genre, there is not much difference between an action adventure and a purely research game, except for approaches to various mechanics. There may be sequences of actions in the research game, but this is not enough, for example, for the first category. However, while Shadow of the Tomb Raider relies on action and survival, Submerged gameplay doesn’t even have them. In the latter, fans take on the role of Miku, who searches half-sunken buildings, ruins and more with a rowing boat and so on to find supplies to make her brother Taku better. There are no enemies, no battles, but there is a feeling of “relaxation”, invented by the developer Uppercut Games.

In turn, there is no real relaxation in the study of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. There are disturbing and challenging tombs, an environment filled with ways Croft can attack enemies, disguise himself, or strike fear into his enemies. There are a lot of actions, enemies and even deaths in Lara Croft. There is an interesting difference between these two games, and although some of them will appeal to all players, there is definitely something for everyone between these two.

Sometimes it’s better to play and relax; Submerged: Hidden Depths puts all the necessary boxes for this. Sometimes it’s better to play a game that makes your blood boil, rather than something nice and soft; Shadow of the Tomb Raider tests it all. And Epic Games Store is a service that provides players with two boxes on September 1.

Epic Games Store users get several free games.


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