Free game of the day on the Epic Games Store


And on this Christmas Eve the free game from the Epic Games Store is darker than any other positive feeling that can be awakened at that time. Nevertheless, it is still an interesting choice.

Inside is a game developed by Playdead, same as the acclaimed Limbo, and so it resembles its predecessor. In a world immersed in an uninviting atmosphere, the player controls a boy who fights for his survival while having to solve puzzles.

The game is from 2016, and was also released for Xbox One and PlayStation4. And if you liked Limbo, Inside further expands the possibilities with 3D maps, in a game that the developers themselves deliver that several ideas from the previous game have been improved.

The game can be redeemed until tomorrow (24), 1 pm, when it will be repaid (R $ 36.99). At that same time a new free game will be offered.

If you are spending the holidays away from your computer, the good news is that these offers can be redeemed from any machine, just by logging into the company’s website and clicking on the redemption area. After that, you can install the games whenever you want.

It is always important to pay attention to the minimum and recommended requirements for a pleasant use experience. Inside requires at least 4 GB of RAM and 3 GB of disk space, and requests a dedicated GPU from the Nvidia 630 or Radeon HD6570.


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