Free Game Combining Fall Guys and Doom: Doom Guys


A free game with Fall Guys and Doom themes has been released. Called “Doom Guys”, this parody game tells the story of the liberation of a Doom Slayer kidnapped by the Fall Guys. The game can currently be downloaded without any payment.

“What is the most popular game of recent times?” If we ask a question, we’ll probably get the answer: Fall Guys. Expanding the question a little more, “What is one of the most popular games in video game history?” When asked like, our middle-aged followers would probably answer Doom. So what would it be like if these two games were combined? Now we will give you the answer to this question exactly.

A completely free mini game called “Doom Guys” has been developed. In this game that combines both Doom and Fall Guys themes, we direct a Doom Slayer that has been kidnapped by the Fall Guys. What we have to do in the game is to destroy all Fall Guys that will come before us to free Doom Slayer. The independent developer states that this game was developed for parody purposes.

Doom Guys, that’s how it looks

The game on, the game platform that manages to be the subject of our news with free game campaigns from time to time, has a very fun structure. You are trying to resist three different Fall Guys in the game where there are three different maps. In addition, the game with four guns also includes an episode from the television show Fall Guys.

Doom Guys has pretty simple controls. In addition, the system requirements of this game are probably quite low. Although the developer has not explained the system requirements of the game, the 40 MB download size you will make to play the game is a clear indication that Doom Guys will not tire computers. In the meantime, let’s say that the game is currently published as a demo version.

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What you need to do to get Doom Guys for free

To access Doom Guys published by indie developer Romain Bayer, you need to access the game’s listing page on You can also download the game by using the “Download” button on the page you can access using the link here. The game will land on your computer within seconds.


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