Free Fire: How to win diamonds and rare skins at Easter 2020 event


Event, which has a new Certified Slaughter mode, starts this Saturday (19) and runs until April 26.

The Free Fire Easter 2020 event starts this Sunday (19th) and runs until April 26th. During the period, all Garena Battle Royale players will have the opportunity to earn several rewards. Today, the big day of the event, it will be possible to win three exclusive gifts: a character, packages with rare skins and up to 19,999 thousand diamonds. The new game mode “Certified Slaughter” is available every day of the event. Free Fire is available for free download on Android and iPhone ( iOS ) phones . Here’s how to get the first Easter 2020 rewards.

On the big day of the event, Sunday (19), the game will give three rewards to players. In the first, the user who logs in will be able to choose a character from the available list and improve it up to level six, using a Lv 6 Character Card. The second will give Cube Fragments after the games. Whoever survives can win a maximum of 100 fragments, which can be exchanged for rare clothes through the Magic Cube. Finally, players will have the opportunity to get 19,999,000 diamonds. To do this, simply invite friends to play Free Fire and receive more boxes, each with the same chance of receiving the reward. The more people called to return to Free Fire, the more boxes the user wins.

The new Certified Slaughter mode works in the 4v4 style, where players form a quartet to face other squads on the battlefield. The goal is to collect the identification tags that are discarded from your opponents at the time they are slaughtered. Players can also acquire extra points for consecutive tag collections and pick up a fallen teammate’s tag. It is worth remembering that Certified Slaughter will be available until the end of the event, on April 26th.

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Garena also stated that other news are already planned until the end of the Easter event, which will be released during this period. The developer also anticipated that a new look for the lobby area is among future releases.


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