Free Fire: what they are and all their characteristics


We review the best Free Fire weapons and highlight the most powerful machine guns from Garena’s battle royale, free for iOS and Android.

Free Fire continues to be among the most prominent battle royales today. You just have to look at one of the recent achievements, which placed it as the most downloaded game on mobile phones of last year 2020. One of the novelties that you receive this March is the collaboration event with Shingeki no Kyojin. Even so, this time we gathered to highlight the best machine guns in the game just as we did with the best assault rifle and sniper part. We tell you which are the best and their main features, as well as how to get them, in this free Garena title for iOS and Android.

All Free Fire machine guns

Damage: 56
Range: 56
Accuracy: 35
Rate of Fire: 61
Reload Speed: 48
Charger: 35

Damage: 60
Range: 55
Accuracy: 48
Rate of Fire: 58
Reload Speed: 45
Charger: 30


Damage: 53
Range: 77
Accuracy: 54
Rate of Fire: 56
Reload Speed: 48
Charger: 30


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