Free Fire pet names: generators have creative and symbolic nicknames


Free Fire, Battle Royale by Garena available for download on Android phones and iPhone (iOS), allows players to have virtual pets. Each pet has a specific skill and can be named. Until April 2020, FF offered nine types of pets: panda, night panther, mechanical dog, kitten, shiba, silver fox, robot and poring, all available in the store. But the game always launches new pets. Below are three name generators for your pet on Free Fire. The sites are free and you can find the best, most creative and funny nicknames for your virtual pet.

Kchorrin ( is a name generator for dogs, but it can also be used to choose the pet’s nickname on Free Fire. The platform has a simple but very didactic interface. The player must choose the gender (neutral, female or male) and select the type of name: food, characters, children, famous and funny. After selecting all the information, click on “Generate Name” and then the platform will display a random pet nickname in Battle Royale.

PET Name
PET Name ( is also another platform that lists hundreds of pet names. Like the previous one, the website also has a simple interface and organizes all names in alphabetical order. Therefore, all the player has to do is choose the initial letter and choose one of the available pet names.

The BayerPET generator ( is also another tool that lists several names for anyone who has questions about the pet’s nickname on Free Fire. The platform sorts the names in alphabetical order. Nicknames are diversified, both in foreign and Portuguese languages. It is worth mentioning that the game establishes a character limit, so long names will not be accepted.


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