Free Fire: New Elite Pass June 2021 – Enchanted Night


Free Fire: Garena presents the new Elite Pass dedicated to the month of June; this time, under the name of Enchanted Night. We go over all the rewards. Like every month, Garena has announced the new Free Fire Elite Pass. The fashion game for iOS and Android mobile devices kicks off the month of June by welcoming the Enchanted Night, the name given to this new pass, whose theme focuses on the figure of princes and princesses, as well as blue tones at night starry. Let’s know all the confirmed rewards and skins.

Enchanted Night, new Free Fire Elite Pass in June 2021

The information has been shared by Free Fire itself, accompanying the announcement with a new detailed trailer in which they show each of the rewards individually. Starting with the Prince of Dusk packages (for both the male and female characters), going through new weapons, a music box, a new backpack, a Monster truck and an emote, Well Played !, which joins the cast. of new game victory animations,

It goes without saying that the Free Fire Elite Pass rewards are worth around 10,000 diamonds, but all can be had for 1,200 diamonds (it’s on sale, it usually costs 2,100 diamonds). Those who preorder it will get several additional items and rewards. For starters, the Elite Challenges will already be unlocked; we will receive 50 additional medals; We will unlock the Princess of Dusk immediately; and we will wear an Enchanted Night makeup for the male character.

All Elite Pass rewards – Free Fire Enchanted Night

Prince of Dusk Pack (Male Avatar)
Dusk Princess Pack (Female Avatar)
Backpack – Crystal Heels
Table – Crystal Heels
Crystal Musical Box
Weapon – Enchanted Night MP5
Weapon – M1873 Enchanted Night
Monster Truck – Enchanted Night
Emote – Well Played!


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