Free Fire Max: see rumors about the beta of Garena new game


Free Fire, Garena’s Battle Royale available for download on Android phones and iPhone (iOS), may be about to win a new version called Free Fire Max. The information was released in the last days on YouTube by content creators from Indonesia and Latin America that would be testing the game’s beta via downloading an APK. According to the videos, the game has graphics with superior qualities to the original, greater viewing distance, new rifle with 8x sights and more visual effects. The developer has not yet confirmed the new version.

According to the videos, the Free Fire Max beta is only available to Android users through an APK. At launch, however, the game should also be released to download on the iPhone. For now, there are no reports of users testing Free Fire Max in Brazil.

In the videos, the creators display Purgatory maps with more realistic 3D graphics and more detailed characters. The game also features changes related to the interface, such as a new lobby and characters walking around with guns drawn. It is worth mentioning that Free Fire Max users should still play with their friends, even if everyone else remains in the normal version.

The Free Fire Max beta would have just under 1GB. The rumor is that the new version of Battle Royale is compatible with high-performance smartphones, such as the latest versions of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S family. The original Free Fire is a game famous for being lightweight and having minimum requirements that add even the most basic smartphones. No wonder, the game has simple effects and unrealistic graphics.

Rumors of the launch arise in view of the growing popularity of other games in the Battle Royale genre, such as Call Of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile, which have more realistic graphics than the current version of the game developed by Garena.


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