Free Fire | How To Get The Free Andrew Reborn Skin


Free Fire: Here’s how you can get the free Andrew Reborn skin for Free Fire during the World Series 2021 event this May. The Free Fire World Series 2021 is approaching and in its framework we will be able to get a good handful of rewards for Free Fire beyond the daily codes that Garena shares day after day. One of these rewards is the free Andrew Reborn skin, but to get it we will have to meet a series of requirements. We will tell you about them in detail below, in addition to reminding you that the MAX version of the battle royale at hand is now available to download for free.

How to get the skin of Andrew Reborn in Free Fire

To get our own skin of Andrew Reborn we will have to participate in a series of events to contribute to the global progress of the event “The Reborn of Andrew”. By completing these missions (such as, for example, killing two enemies using an AK47 in classic mode or completing three games in classic or ranked) we will obtain FFWS Yellow Pass tokens. With them we can get several interesting items and varied rewards (such as the Monster Truck – FFWS), in addition to unlocking new missions every day and a new section in the redemption store.

In this unlocked area we will have the opportunity to get the elements to complete the FFWS Explorer of the Bay package. It should be mentioned that it is an exclusive skin of the event, as is the case with its male counterpart. This, on the contrary, will be achieved by trying your luck on the magic roulette dedicated to FFWS Explorer of the Bay that will be available during the days in which the World Series 2021 takes place.

It is worth mentioning that one of the peculiarities of the Andrew Reborn skin is the fact that it has an armor damage reduction of + 15% additional damage reduction for each teammate with this ability.


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