Free Fire Gold Vote: What It Is For And How To Get It

We tell you what the Free Fire golden vote is, what it is for and how to get it for Garena’s battle royale, now available freely on iOS and Android.

Free Fire continues to be constantly updated week after week. With this, from Garena they make sure to keep their successful battle royale fresh and new, available for free on iOS and Android mobile devices. One of the recent novelties that comes with the Cobra Project patch is the so-called Dúo Dinánico, which is closely linked to the so-called Golden Vow that concerns us. For this reason and without further ado, below we will tell you exactly what this vote is for and how we can get one for our profile in Free Fire.

What is the Golden Vote for in Free Fire

The golden vote in Free Fire is used to activate the Dynamic Duo. According to the official description by Garena, it is about: “a special association that you can form with your friend by buying the Golden Vow in the Free Fire store. Once you and your friend become a dynamic duo, you can unlock a series of achievements based on the time you spend playing together. Find your best playmate and start your journey together! ”

How to get the Golden Vote in Free Fire

If we take into account the usual prices for diamonds that range in the Free Fire store, about 100 diamonds is a fairly cheap and acceptable amount for any type of player who is a little active in battle royale. As soon as we unlock it, we will be able to carry out a series of challenges based on pairs (duos, hence the term dynamic duo) to be able to get exclusive weapon and character skins to continue expanding our collection. In addition, thanks to the new Cobra Project update there are even more rewards available, so we recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to get them.

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