Free Fire: free codes for today, March 27, 2021


We collect the new free codes with rewards of all kinds for the Battle Royale Free to Play, available on devices with iOS and Android.

Do you know what Free Fire is? Surely yes. That is why you are here. And surely you also want the codes to get free rewards that Garena, the company responsible for the game, publishes every day. When it comes to sweeping a battle royale (okay, for potential newbies we’ll say it’s a Free to Play survival action game between 50 simultaneous players), any help is welcome. And if you can save yourself a pinch, all the better. Skins, weapons, maybe even diamonds. Every day is a new surprise. But yes, do not take long to redeem them, because they will be available for a limited period of time.

The title, as usual, offers the codes without saying what rewards we can get with them, so you will have to enter each code to see the item that has touched you. All tend to be objects that help us improve our progress in the game in a month of March 2021 that has been very prolific in gifts thanks to the large number of downloads of the Garena game. Without further ado, the codes.

Free Fire: March 27 Reward Codes


How to redeem Free Fire codes

Now that you have the codes, some of you may wonder “But how do I redeem them?” It’s okay, we cover that too. It is a very easy process:

First, you have to access the game’s website by clicking this link, which already leaves you on the Rewards Exchange Site.
Once inside, you have to log in with the account that you have associated with the game, be it Facebook, VK, Google, Huwaei, Apple or Twitter.
Then you will be able to access the text boxes in which to write the twelve-digit codes that we have left you above.
Once each of them has been confirmed, you will have to wait a bit (around half an hour) for them to be reflected in your accounts. So, in the meantime, you can repeat the process with the other codes.
And that’s it. Simple, right? So come on, now to survive in style and with the help of the possible advantages that you have achieved.