Free Fire characters: meet men and their skills in the game


Free Fire is a Battle Royale developed by Garena that is available for download on Android phones and iPhone (iOS). The game is one of the most popular in Brazil and differs from competitors by the large number of characters available, which vary in personality, skill, historical context, utility and price. Since the launch of the April Elite Pass, there are 26 characters available in the catalog – 13 of which are male. Meet, below, the men of the Free Fire universe and their characteristics.

Skill: Sound in the Box;
Price: 599 diamonds.
Alok, a character inspired by the famous Brazilian DJ Alok Achkar, is one of the most interesting choices of Free Fire. His “Sound in the Box” ability – which even makes clear reference to the musician – promotes a combination of very useful bonuses: increased movement speed and life regeneration, both for himself and for his allies. It is perfect for rush hour.

Skill: Art of Demolition;
Price: 499 diamonds.
Alvaro’s clothes and hair already deliver the role of the character, who clearly likes to “blow things up”. One of the latest innovations released in Free Fire, Alvaro owns a skill called “Art of Demolition” – which increases the damage of weapons by explosion and also the contact area. Great choice for those who like grenades and rocket launchers!

Skill: Armor Specialist;
Price: 499 diamonds.
Andrew is a former police officer who has spent much of his professional career fighting crime. Your big card up your sleeve, therefore, could not be different. ” Armor Specialist ” decreases the loss of durability of the vest by percentages that scale from the level reached in the matches. Extra protection never hurts.

Ability: Gangster Spirit.
Price: 499 diamonds / 8000 coins.
Orphaned and lonely, Antonio had to live alone in life since he was a child. At seven, he already ran his own gang. Therefore, his special ability is called “Gangster Spirit” and gives the character extra life at the beginning of the games. Skill extremely useful in the early game, as the player will not have to worry about cures right from the start.

Skill: Bushido;
Price: 499 diamonds.
The bad tongues say that the samurai Hayato hides a secret that will never be revealed. And that he would be willing to give his life so that the truth remains hidden. His specialty is called “Bushido” – a skill that increases the penetration of the character’s damage in proportion to the amount of HP. In other words: the less life Hayato has, the more destructive he will be.

Ability: Will of Iron;
Price: 399 diamonds / 2000 coins.
Despite the name, Ford has nothing to do with vehicles. The character was a sailor who spent a lot of time in the seas and, therefore, gained resistance from so much traveling. Its special ability is called ‘Iron Will’ and makes Ford take less damage (4% to 24%) when in the gas. Less desperation when the safe zone is closing.

Skill: Nutty Movement;
Price: 499 diamonds.
With a degree in physics and a former member of the Armed Forces against his will, Joseph developed seemingly mysterious technology while in the army. ” Nutty Movement ” is the character’s great weapon, which gains movement speed and boost in the races when being targeted. Very pertinent choice for those who play focused on the late game.

Ability: Safe Attack;
Price: 499 diamonds.
Jota was the last male character released on Free Fire. Stuntman and specialist in parkour, the sniper has a special skill called ” Safe Attack ” that recovers HP with each shot made with SMG (submachine guns) and SG (shotguns) weapons.

Skill: Muay Thai;
Price: 499 diamonds / 8000 coins.
Kla is a Muay Thai fighter who has been missing for a long time. Driven by revenge and thirst for fights, the character gains a bonus on the power of his punch that varies from 100% to 400% depending on the playing time. The skill is not that useful, after all, most of the fights carried out in Free Fire are fought with firearms.

Ability: Gluttony;
Price: 499 diamonds / 8000 coins.
Passionate about games and technology, Maxim is also an ace with forks in hand. Figurine stamped in the competitions of ” who eats more ”, the character uses his special gift within the game. ” Gluttony ” reduces the time to eat mushrooms and use medical kits at rates that can reach up to 12% at the maximum level.

Skill: Mad Assassin;
Price: 499 diamonds.
Miguel could easily be confused with Captain Nascimento, protagonist of the Brazilian film Tropa de Elite. The character is a police officer belonging to the special forces battalion, and who has the skill “Crazy Assassin” as a great asset. Miguel earns shield points for each elimination performed.

Ability: Silent Death;
Price: 499 diamonds.
A murderer, mercenary and driven by his own ideology of peace, Rafael is a sniper responsible for several deaths in the world. His special ability is called “Silent Death” and it has everything to do with his work: Rafael manages to stay eight seconds without his shots appearing on the map. The skill is cooldown and cannot be used at any time.

Ability: Illusion;
Price: 499 diamonds / 8000 coins.
It could be League of Legends (LoL), but the Wukong in question is not the champion created by Riot Games. In Free Fire, Wukong is also a Monkey King, but with another specialty: camouflage. The character, who is one of the most iconic in the franchise, manages to transform himself into a thicket to surprise enemies.


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