Free Fire Celebrates The Day Of The Dead With Otho, A Character Of 100% Mexican Origin


Free Fire: Conceived and developed in Aztec territory, it arrives this November 2 at the popular Battle Royale of Garena. Free Fire, the popular mobile battle royale from Singapore-based company Garena, celebrates this day of the dead with Otho, the first Mexican character to be conceived and developed within Mexico.

This new character will be available this Tuesday, November 2, for free for all players who log in to Free Fire or Free Fire Max in Latin America.

Where does Otho come from?

He is a young student of indigenous origin, among them the Otomí, who seeks to represent the dedication, ingenuity and effort that characterize Mexicans. The inspiration in the creation of this character came from the state of Michoacán between Janitzio and Pátzcuaro due to its setting and background.

Why did they give it that name?

The development team was based on the word Oth, which means star in Tének or Huasteco de Xiloxuchil, Veracruz. They finally adapted it as Otho, which is a more common name to pronounce, without losing sight of its etymological root.

What will his special ability be?

Photographic Memory, this consists in that after eliminating an enemy, the positions of other enemies will be revealed 25 meters from the place where they were killed. This information will also be shared with teammates.

There will also be other Day of the Dead inspired skins that were designed by the Mexican team