Free Fire Advanced Server; What It Is, How To Access It and Opening Dates


Free Fire: We tell you what the Free Fire advanced server consists of, the methods to access it and what its opening and ending dates are. Free Fire continues to be updated week after week with new event schedules, daily rewards and much more. There are already millions of players who enjoy this battle royale for iOS and Android mobile devices around the world, so from Garena they make sure to keep the title active constantly and add new content, collaborations in the form of skins and much more. If you are already among this wide base of players and want to take your experience one step further, don’t miss this article dedicated to reviewing everything about the Free Fire Advanced Server.

What is Free Fire Advanced Server?

It is a program that allows players to test various add-ons that have not yet been fully implemented in Free Fire. The aim is for users to help Garena discover possible bugs, in addition to offering comments on what they think of these news so that the company can assess whether or not to permanently add them to the game, in addition to retouching them.

Free Fire Advanced Server Opening Dates

Start: as of July 22, 2021
Closing: until next July 29, 2021

How to access the Free Fire advanced server

In order to have the option of accessing these advanced test servers, we must follow and complete the following steps. It is worth mentioning that registering will not guarantee 100% of receiving an access code for these advanced servers, but we will simply enter a selection stage in which we can receive one of these limited numerical codes to access the advanced servers.

We go to the Garena website
We look for the button “Login Facebook”
We click it and enter our login information
And it would already be! It only remains to wait to be lucky to receive a code


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