Free content for Shogun 2 on Steam!


Shogun 2, one of the most popular series in the Total War series, is here with a new map 9 years after its release. Sega has decided to present the new map on Steam for free on behalf of its 60th anniversary celebrations. But how do you get this free content?

Free content for Shogun 2 for the 60th anniversary of Sega

If you remember, Steam joined the free game caravan with Shogun 2, perhaps because Epic gave free games one after the other during our stay at home. If you somehow took advantage of this opportunity at that time, or if you previously owned the Total War Shogun 2 game on Steam, War of Kawagoe has become free for you.

Previously, in 2011, when the game was released, it offered this battle content to players who pre-ordered through GameStop. Normal players could only reach this battle when they passed certain levels in the game.

Now, this content is available for free to anyone who owns the Shogun 2 game on Steam. In Shogun 2 game, which deals with the feudal period of Japan, you try to become a Shogun by choosing one of the clans and unite the clans.

In this content, it is about the night attack that the Hojo clan successfully carried out against the Uesugi clan, which was under siege, by timing its attacks with the arrival of reinforcements. In this historical battle, you can choose either the Hojo clan, which is a night attack and master in siege weapons, or the Uesugi clan, famous for their faith-based and warrior monks. Sega continues to offer discounts and free game and content opportunities on Steam as part of its 60th year.


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