Free Artificial Intelligence Training Tool From IBM to Developers


IBM has developed a tool that will provide great convenience in the development of artificial intelligence technologies. This tool, which is published free of charge on Github, automatically processes data labeling, which is one of the preliminary preparation processes for training artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most talked about issues today. Technology giants are trying to take advantage of all the blessings of artificial intelligence with the systems they try to develop, but this causes both a huge resource to be wasted and a long time to be wasted.

As one of the most important names in the computer industry, IBM, as you can imagine, is one of the companies working on artificial intelligence. Now, the company has released a new AI tool that it has developed for free on the Github platform. This AI tool will make developers’ work a lot easier. Because IBM’s new tool provides a one-click process that can take hours beforehand.

Artificial intelligence does not only mean that the written codes are executed automatically. Developers may have to educate their algorithms on a variety of data. Sometimes this data can also be physical objects. The developers had chosen the data to be used to train artificial intelligence individually. The artificial intelligence tool developed by IBM enables the data to be selected automatically.

Let’s say you want to train an artificial intelligence you’re working on through real images. Normally, this training required hundreds of images as well as tagging these images. This meant that there would be hundreds of images and hundreds of labels. IBM’s free tool removes this difficult process.

This is how IBM’s AI tool works
According to the statements made by IBM, the new tool will save developers time. The company says developers can find more time for new projects. In fact, IBM is very right about this because the preliminary preparation for the training of artificial intelligence will be completed in seconds.


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