Free applications to learn how to use Excel


Do you want to learn Excel? This is a good opportunity to meet free applications that will teach you to use it

As of today, we know that Excel is an excellent tool when it comes to spreadsheets. It has even become an indispensable requirement when looking for work. In addition to work, it would be useful for school subjects and household accounts.

Although it seems like a very complex tool, the more you practice it, the more accessible it becomes. For this reason, Truth News introduces you to several applications with which it will be very easy to learn Excel. The plus of these applications is that you will not have to spend a single penny.

Free apps to learn Excel

Complete excel course:

This app is designed to offer the student all the necessary knowledge to become an expert in this demanded quality. For this, you start from the basics and, little by little, the complexity increases. This course is focused on improving productivity and designed to automate tasks and save time.

Free excel course in Spanish:

The Free Excel Course in Spanish application offers a structured course on all the points you need to know about Excel. In an inventory you will find all the tools, tricks and keyboard shortcuts you can imagine. Although it is a good application, sometimes we go overboard with advertising between lessons.

Excel course

This free app is a kind of dynamic library that has collected information from various educational portals specialized in Excel. The teaching method is about watching videos that show you how to use the functions and other points of the Microsoft tool.

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Learn Excel Tutorial

Finally we have Learn Excel Tutorial which is an ideal application to learn Excel on your mobile, because you will be able to use it without an internet connection. It is organized in sections to learn formulas, shortcuts, graphics, data processing and everything that comes to mind. A chat is included so that you can consult doubts with other users.


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