Free alternatives to Adobe programs!


Creative Cloud products, also known as Adobe programs, have been a favorite of many of us for years. We can say that the reason why these programs are so popular is that they are practical in use and have wide limits. One of the disadvantages of being loved so much is that they are constantly trying to be acquired as a pirate. At this point, we are here with free alternatives of Adobe programs that do not require resorting to pirated software.

Free alternatives to Adobe programs

We have listed free and open source Adobe alternatives for those who do not want to resort to pirated software or use Linux-based operating systems. The software on our list is completely free to use, you do not need to resort to trial or pirated use.

GIMP: Photoshop alternative

photoshop alternatifi gimp

GIMP is a very old program, especially on the Linux side, it can be the best Photoshop alternative. As a plus of being old, we can show you the variety of features and many guides about it. Thanks to its completely free and open source, plugin support is quite wide. We can easily say that GIMP is the best free software you can use to handle your image editing tasks.

Photopea: online clone of Photoshop

adobe programlarının ücretsiz alternatifleri

Photopea, which is accessed on the web, no matter what platform you are on, can definitely be one of the most useful websites. It does not make you feel alien, as it is a complete clone of Adobe Photoshop. You can take care of your business from this site without requiring membership. Of course, although it may not be as good as Photoshop itself, it will come to your rescue in difficult times.

Inkscape: Illustrator alternative


Inkscape is very simple to use, which you can use for vector-based designs, illustrations and poster designs. The stable version of this program, which is rich in features like Illustrator, was released this year. Being open source gives us a separate confidence. You can use the program on Windows, Linux and macOS. We can say that one of the most ambitious programs among free alternatives to Adobe programs is Inkscape.

Free alternatives to Adobe programs: Scribus (InDesign alternative)

adobe programlarının ücretsiz alternatifleri

Commonly used for page designs, Adobe InDesign has a large user base. In fact, the facilities provided by InDesign are not indispensable; This is exactly the starting point of many alternatives like Scribus. Scribus, which debuted in 2003, is one of the best page design software you can get for free. It can be used on Windows, Linux and macOS.

OpenShot: Premiere alternative


It is true that video editing software is quite diverse, but when it comes to looking for free software, we hardly see more than trial versions. If you don’t have large production jobs, OpenShot will do the job if you want to handle your video editing as a normal user. Thanks to the features we are familiar with from other video editing software, your familiarization period will be quite short. OpenShot can be used on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Free alternatives to Adobe programs: Blender (After Effects alternative)

adobe programlarının ücretsiz alternatifleri

Blender, which is one of the best programs to create visual effects, is used at least as much as After Effects because it is open source and free. This software, which debuted in 1998, made great contributions to the cinema industry. Blender, one of the best 3D design programs, won’t call you After Effects. The program can run on Windows, Linux and macOS.

RawTherapee: Lightroom alternative


Lightroom, which is very famous among photo editing software, can even be used on mobile devices. In recent years, alternatives to photo editing software have started to appear more and more. RawTherapee, which we can assume as the best of these alternatives, does a really good job. If you like to get down to the technical part of the job, we think you will like this software that offers you detailed usage. The program can run on Windows, Linux and macOS.

How did you find our list of free alternatives to Adobe programs? You can indicate what you want to add in the comments.


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